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For the last 6000 miles I've had a problem with a vibration when accelerating between 15 and 25 mph. It was especially severe early in the morning when my Majesty was still cold (although I do warm it up). My dealer couldn't find a cause for it.

I just had my 12K service and part of that service is to replace the v-belt. I picked it up Saturday after the service was complete ($156 dollars for the v-belt and $70 for air and oil filters) and the vibration was gone. The only bad thing was that the service was very expensive (3.5 hours labor, plus parts listed above; around $500).
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Save a bit of $$ and change your air and oil filters yourself. In the How-To section of the forum, Myhrdly has posted and outstanding tutorial, complete with photos. I plan to change my own oil from now on! 8)
I feel the vibration at the same speeds, but I just assumed it to be a normal transition with the CVT engaging to the taller "gear" mode. It has been gradually getting less grabby but I also have over 6k miles on it. It has not been a concern to me so far. I will keep an eye on it.
I feel the sam vibe too. I figure it part of owning a single piston bike.
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