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warranty question

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If the original 1 year warranty has expired can some type of Yamaha warranty be purchased by a new owner? If so, does anyone know how this is done, what is covered, cost, etc.
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I called several dealers in Houston and they al said that you can purchase the Yamaha extended warranty anytime BEFORE the standard warranty runs out.

After that, I think you're stuck with one of those "extended warranties" that the bank has fliers about, but it's not a YAMAHA warranty. :roll:

Thanks that seems to be the general opinion of those I have talked to also. Although, it's amazing how difficult a question it appeared to be at some dealership(s).
Kewl!! I would recommend contacting them by email first.

Unfortunately, in their description it states:
"You must have current Limited Warranty on your Motorcycle in order to obtain this special priced offer. If you are not sure please email me with your Motorcycle info (Vin/Serial #, Name and Model) and I'd be more than happy to let you know if you qualify."

I think this implies you need to be within the 12-month warranty period. :(
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