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What does it cost for a oil and filter change on my scooter?

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Hi, What will it cost to get a oil and filter change from my local Yamaha dealer? What has your prices been for this kind of job?

Thanks, Scooterman
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$72 at Texas Yamaha South near NASA.
IMHO a ripoff considering we have an outstanding tutorial with pictures in the How-to section! :mrgreen:
$90 at the dealer in Tucson, of course he says they check everything out too.. Must be why the air cleaner boxes were missing three screws when I got it back.. I had the initial 600 mile svc done there, but have done them all myself since.. Only takes about 30 minutes and is simple to do..
$68 in Durham, NC
im doing all the minor services myself every 5000km (oil's and filter), but here in oz, the major services (every 10,000km) must be done by a licensed motor mechanic, otherwise yamaha will not honor their warranty.

my next major service, due in about 4 months, will cost me about $700 AU

i have already asked the dealer how much (it's gonna be the 20,000km service), and includes a new drive belt. the 10,000 km service cost me $480 AU.

i too think the prices are way over the top, but i do not have any choice if i want to retain my warranty.

I will be changing my own oil and filter doing own repairs because my warranty is over anyway.

$53, in Mukwonago, WI. ride safe all
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