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What is a 2005 Majesty 400cc worth?

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My scooter has only 450 miles on it and it's just like brand new. What is it worth now?

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I bought a 2005 Majesty in January with 418 miles on it for $4,000.
2005 Galaxy Blue Majesty :p :p
The value of scoots and other vehicles varies quite a bit nationwide-- particularly on used vehicles. Remember, any vehicle (car or scoot) is going to depreciate substantially when you drive it out the door! :? The supply and demand for the bike in your area also will make a huge differenceon its value used. The two best places to check prices are Kelley's Blue Book or Edmunds. Both are available online.
Hope this helps!
Hi, Thanks for information and I paid 4500.00 for this scooter. My local motorcycle dealers don't keep these scooters in stock. So might be easier to sell here.

Mainly because I have found riding on the roads are very dangerous with people talking on their cellphones and driving at same time. People here in this city run red lights all the time and I hear on my police scanner all the time accidents with cars and motorcycles. I have been riding motorcycles offroad for over 30 years and never been on the road till now. Another is my doctors are telling me I cann't get hurt because of my health problems with blood thinners.

Thanks, Scooterman
Sounds like you made a wise choice for yourself. As for selling price, I'm patiently watching Ebay to see what the market will bear. In recent weeks, a BRAND NEW 05 with zero miles, doesn't seem to clear about $4,500. There's a new 05 zero-miles charcoal listed now, which is a "re-list." Last week the actual same bike reached a high bid of $4,450, but this did not reach the dealer's minimum so there was no sale. Now he's listing again, but his "But It Now" price is higher than some dealers are offering for a brand new '06.
Things are tipping toward higher scooter prices, too, so keep this in mind.

I think most of us have acclimated to the idea of gas hoving under 3 bucks a gallon -- you'll see behavior change if the price stays above 3 bucks for any length of time.
Hi, I will be keeping my Scooter instead of selling it. I have the fun of pasting gas stations without stopping.

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