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Pretty new here and looking at a lot of scooters the morpheus kinda catched my eye.. The one thing that is not to my liking is the windshield. Does anyone have information where a windsheld can be gotten that is at least going to be eye level for a 6' person and then also have a little width to it so ya can actually ride in a relaxed mode.

Thanks Happy
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Pretty much any dealer can set you up with a Givi.

http://www.givi.it/caschi_borse_bauli_a ... ?CO_ID=430

Look through this site for people's review of this screen. I gather that it is better than stock, but not miraculous.
USABUSA, Let us know how you like it. What height did you get?
try 7jurock they make a 24" windscren for the morphous for $145.00 I have one it works fine tried the cee-baileys $110.00 to short a waste of money
Check on line at 7jurock.com, they have several different heights and 2 widths available and they are very good quality,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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