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Yahoo members cant post photos....

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Taken from Yahoo groups email:

From: "danpcomer" <[email protected]>

Subject:[yamahamajestyscooter] Photos --- Yahoo limits the total storage space for all photos to 30 mb :-(

I have had a couple of members email me regarding the inabiltiy to
photos, and I genuinely appreciate any concern that the group may

Yahoo has a limitation of 30 mb of space for photos. The site has
exceeded that by 1.3 mb. I've deleted three folders that I had, but
we're still sitting at 29.6 mg. I don't see Yahoo changing their
anytime soon. I will continue to pursue this issue of increasing the
amount of space for photos.

The way we may be able to help out each other is to trim the amount
photos in each file to allow others to contribute. Let me know how I
may assist.



I could offer up part of my 10 GB for them to post photos. How could I do that without seeming condescending?
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You could offer to put a special 'hot button' for Yahoo photos right in plain site on the MajestyUSA home page. Entry into this site is then 100% optional. No strings attached.
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