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Yamaha 125 owner saying hi

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Hi all i have a majesty 125 in the UK i have a bit of a problem with it. whenever i press the brake lever the starter motor spins, i have not had chance to look at it yet, but i am thinking it is a wiring problem. has anyone else had this problem and can you advise on what i might be.
thanks and great site hope you dont mine me joining from the UK
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hi simon.

welcome to the forum. no problem with you joining from the us ! i myself am located in australia, and we have members from all over the globe.
although most members are located in the USA.

as for your problem, i don'y have any answesr for you, but it does sound like a shorting wire problem. i would have it looked at by an auto electrician that has bike experience.

anyone else have some answers ?

Simon it sounds like your starter button is stuck and sounds just like the Majesty when you apply the brake that completes the circuit the engine turns over. One of my Honda's the button looked like it was out and ok but the contacts was stuck inside. I had to take the control off the bar and clean and lube it. Hope this helps

that's a strong possibility, maybe the contacts in the switch are "sticky" ?

good point rob...

Welcome to the forum. I don't know how to help you, just saying hi.

I don't even think the Majesty 125 is even available here in the US.
Anyhow, haven't seen it and I went to a lot of shops looking for my scoot.
Hi Pamb,

If you want to see a 125, I've published a gallery of photos of mine on here.
Hello and welcome to MUSA! If you're still experiencing the problem without solution, perhaps the sister site www.burgmanusa.com could be of some assistance. There are some real sharp people over there that deal with all kinds of 2 wheel situations....

Have fun!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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