Located in Montreal Quebec. The maxi-scooter is still in good shape, Its brakes, all seat covers and the windshield have been replaced in 2021. Note that internal storage is generous; it can accommodate a full-face helmet as well as personal items such as a raincoat etc. Few little things to be repaired: a front headlight bulb must be replaced, a lateral flasher bulb will likely have to be replaced (it fails sometimes), and the parking cable will have to be tightened or replaced. The piston has been replaced something like 15 years ago and the main belt has likely been changed twice so far. I also include three K&N oil filters that I still have in stock, along with many cut and virgin keys. The paper owner's manual is included, and I will send you the Service Manual in PDF format. The price has been determined to allow for a fast sale as I don't have space to park two scooters. This scooter requires a motorcycle permit. The real amount of the transaction will have to be declared at the SAAQ when performing ownership transfer. Allow around $255 CAD for taxes, bringing the total to around $1955 CAD.